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Master’s Program in Learning and Organizational Change

This is the third iteration of experiments in open, networked learning that began with Exploring Personal Learning Networks in 2013, followed by Exploring Innovations in Networked Work and Learning in 2014. Blog archives of these two projects can be found at mslocopen.com.

Each is affiliated with the Master’s Program in Learning & Organizational Change at Northwestern University (MSLOC), a graduate program for experienced working professionals. MSLOC takes a multi-disciplinary approach to understanding learning and change at the individual, team and organizational levels.

Enterprise social networks and the msloc430.net experiment

We learn by doing. To better understand how enterprise social networks (ESNs) might impact how working professionals learn, we adopted Jive software as the primary learning platform for our graduate program in 2012.

In 2016, Learning “beyond the classroom” within an enterprise social network system was published in The Internet and Higher Education. The paper describes key aspects of our experience using an ESN as a learning platform. We continue to build off of that experience.

MSLOC 430 Creating and Sharing Knowledge is one course in the MSLOC curriculum. It focuses on how ESNs might impact both how we work and how we learn. We designed the first instance of msloc430.net to help do, and better understand, several things:

  • To provide a public space where MSLOC students may share their work.
  • To encourage students to use social media (principally blogging and Twitter) and develop their net smarts.
  • To explore the dynamics among different types of online, networked environments. For example: Our program’s ESN is private to members of the MSLOC community (students, faculty and staff). How do the skills and knowledge we build within that private network impact the way our students experience and utilize the open web? Or the reverse – how might what we do on the open web impact the culture of our private network?
  • To connect and collaboratively learn with practitioners interested in ESNs. In particular, how might we innovate?

msloc430.net is maintained by Jeff Merrell – @jeffmerrell on Twitter.

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