Author: Masha Alexander

Leadership in a Networked Age

The popularity of social networking technologies, particularly social media, has created opportunities and challenges for nonprofit organizations. Social networks have allowed organizations to reach more people, faster and to collaborate in new ways on building networks and movements for change. At the same time, the rapid changes in technology have also meant that legacy organizations have had to move quickly to adapt, or experience the frustration on not keeping up. The social media revolution has also left funders looking for new solutions to the old, but increasingly pressing, problem of capacity development for legacy organizations. In this blog post I’m … Continue reading Leadership in a Networked Age

The Networked Nonprofit

In my first post, I looked at the impact of social media on social movements. In this post, I’m going to look at the impact on nonprofit organizations. Just as social networking tools are shaking up the way companies do business, they’re also changing how nonprofits operate. But while in the for-profit sector social organizations use technologies to bolster internal networks, in the nonprofit sector social technology is being applied to foster collaboration between organizations. This “networked” approach is upending how nonprofits operate. Jane Wei-Skillern & Sonia Marciano captured the shift in an article on the networked nonprofit in the … Continue reading The Networked Nonprofit