Helping Learners Help Themselves

In my last post, we learned some practical tips regarding how one might think about building their own Personal Learning Environment (PLE). Perhaps those of you in L&D or in People Operations are wondering how you can help your organizations support these learning workers and their journey of learning how to learn. If so, I […]

Leadership in a Networked Age

The popularity of social networking technologies, particularly social media, has created opportunities and challenges for nonprofit organizations. Social networks have allowed organizations to reach more people, faster and to collaborate in new ways on building networks and movements for change. At the same time, the rapid changes in technology have also meant that legacy organizations have had to move quickly to adapt, or experience the frustration on not keeping up. The social media revolution has also left funders looking for new solutions to the old, but increasingly pressing, problem of capacity development for legacy organizations. In this blog post I’m … Continue reading Leadership in a Networked Age

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde – The Mysteries of Onsite-Offshore Collaboration

It was 6:30am in the morning. I had a start and jumped up from the fluffy hotel bed before the alarm woke me. The big presentation would start at 9am, where I would present the 3 months of hard work of my entire consulting team to 20+ director level client stakeholders. Did offshore finish his … Continue reading Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde – The Mysteries of Onsite-Offshore Collaboration

Blurring the 70:20:10 Lines

There is something intimidating about sitting down to write about a concept that seems to be common knowledge in your new field and at the same time, you really only just heard about for the first time two weeks ago. Well, the honest answer is, I have heard people throwing it around as common knowledge for […]

How can an Enterprise Social Network help Build a Corporate Strategy?

As a believer in the insight of the employee when it comes to corporate strategy, product strategy, and even competitive strategy, an ESN can be leveraged into gathering the insight of your employees. Employees hold a wealth of ideas, information, and insight to help an organization grow in this very competitive market.  In academic circles,… Read More How can an Enterprise Social Network help Build a Corporate Strategy?

The Networked Nonprofit

In my first post, I looked at the impact of social media on social movements. In this post, I’m going to look at the impact on nonprofit organizations. Just as social networking tools are shaking up the way companies do business, they’re also changing how nonprofits operate. But while in the for-profit sector social organizations use technologies to bolster internal networks, in the nonprofit sector social technology is being applied to foster collaboration between organizations. This “networked” approach is upending how nonprofits operate. Jane Wei-Skillern & Sonia Marciano captured the shift in an article on the networked nonprofit in the … Continue reading The Networked Nonprofit

A Coachee Community – How Do You Know It’s Valuable?

When Jackie sat down on the empty subway train, it was already 11pm. After a contentious meeting with her demanding collaborator from offshore, she was exhausted and starving. Yet she was contented. Thanks to her coaching session the previous Friday, she stood up to her collaborator today, and rejected one of his three unreasonable requests. … Continue reading A Coachee Community – How Do You Know It’s Valuable?

Social Learning Tools

Last week, I attended the Association for Talent Development’s Annual International Conference & Expo in Denver, CO (#ATD2016). One of the sessions, lead by Shannon Tipton of Learning Rebels, was focused on tools and resources to help support trainers and instruction designers to think beyond (or outside) of the classroom to enhance the level of learning […]

Culture Change via a Social Network?

In today’s competitive environment, organizations need to be innovative, efficient, retain great talent and continuously change and evolve.  One key to success for an organization is understanding how to effectively go through the change management process.  How can an Enterprise Social Network (ESN) help facilitate organizational change?  Here are some best practices around change management… Read More Culture Change via a Social Network?