Scott Koenning

Reflections on #wol

Our class experience with working out loud during our recent session in The Garage had mixed results- there were two fun “call outs,” a way to recognize great work in a team and solicit feedback, but for a nearly two-hour session with 5 teams, the exercise of call outs was not utilized very heavily. #msloc430 Twitter […]

How does organizational culture influence enterprise social networking?

Enterprise social networking requires an engaged, positive, and supportive organizational culture. Without a dialed in and open-minded management team, group of mid-level managers, and workforce, enterprise social networks flounder. Leadership participation in these networks is vital, as Charlene Li expounds on in her Harvard Business Review article. Duh. Aren’t the best leaders always those who lead […]


This is my blog for #msloc430, creating and sharing knowledge. Looking forward to sharing thoughts throughout the quarter on social media and social enterprise networking as they relate to my professional and academic interests! I’ve titled the blog Damn Tarantula, after a Lil Wayne lyric. I’ll do my best to be a productive part of […]